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Potassium nitrate or dandruff is a chemical compound with the formula K (NO3 )2 ; potassium nitrate contains 45% K 2O and 10% nitrogen.  Because of its explosive properties, 80% of potassium nitrate and 20% of potassium chloride are usually used in chemical fertilizer production.  Potassium nitrate is 100% soluble in water, and its chlorine content is less than half a percent.  In the world, only a small amount of potash is used as a single elemental (simple) fertilizer.  Most of them are mixed in mixed fertilizers with nitrogen and nitrogen and produce PK, NK, NPK fertilizers.  Sometimes these micronutrients are added to the micronutrients (zinc, manganese, etc.) and it is called the complete fertilizer (macro), which can be used to increase the yield of agricultural products due to the presence of the required plant elements. 

The Iranian Chemical Company is able to supply potassium nitrate with a purity of 99.9% as crystalline and soluble at any desired amount. 

We Can be sent to all parts of the country.  The following is a description of the uses of potassium and pure potassium nitrate.




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