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Potassium sulfate is a chemical compound of the chemical formula K 2SO 4 in white powder and water soluble. The main consumption of potassium sulfate or potassium sulfate in the agricultural industry is agricultural fertilizer for the supply of potassium and sulfur soils. Almost in 1985 about one and a half  Half a million of this material was produced.  Potassium sulfate is commonly produced by the reaction of potassium chloride with sulfuric acid. In Iran, purification of potassium sulfate, pure potassium for farmers, is purified by industrial potassium sulfate.

Potassium sulfate, unlike sodium sulfate, does not crystallize water, and crystalline potassium sulfate salt forms two The six-sided pyramids are rosy and very hard, bitter and salty.  Iran Chemistry Co. is able to provide high purity potassium sulfate powder in any required amount. 

We Can be sent to all parts of the country.  The following is a description of pure potassium sulfate consumption. Potassium sulfate potassium sulfate sulfate production is the most important source of potassium and sulfur in the potato industry because potassium sulfate has no major effect on potassium and potassium sulfate consumption. Potassium sulfate is commonly used for tobacco, some fruits and Vegetables are preferred. Potassium sulfate is used in the agricultural industry: potassium sulfate is sometimes used in glass production.  It is also used to reduce light and flash in military fuels.



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