Iran chemistry | Producing Liquid and Crystal Pericles (Sodium Hydroxide)


Sodium hydroxide is a petrochemical product, and a large amount of it is produced annually in different countries.  Sodium hydroxide is known by the name of caustic soda, caustic soda, liquefaction, and liquefied liquid soap and the most widely used in the manufacture of soap and detergents.  Sodium hydroxide is produced in a variety of ways, including a 98 percent profit margin, granular granules and sodium hydroxide powder, each produced for specific uses. What are the uses of sodium hydroxide:
  Sodium hydroxide is used to produce soaps and detergents and detergents.
  Sodium hydroxide is used in the paper industry.
  Sodium hydroxide in the leather and tanning industry.
  Sodium hydroxide in the petrochemical industry and extraction from oil wells.
 • Sodium hydroxide in water purification.
  Sodium hydroxide in the fabric industry.
  Sodium hydroxide in dairy production.
  neutralizing acid and batteries.
  Food, milk and canning industries.
  Metal industry and glass, zinc, aluminum, galvanizing and electroplating. Sodium hydroxide is widely used in industries, and this is the reason why millions of people produce annually around the world.




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