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Red copper oxide or copper oxide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Cu 2O.  Red copper oxide is one of the most important copper oxides.  This red compound is one of the components of anti-algae colors for ships and ....  Copper oxide can be yellow and red, and this is due to the particle size. Red copper oxide dissolves in a concentrated ammonia solution and forms a colorless complex with the formula [Cu (NH 3 ) 2 ] which is easy to read in the air The blue color of oxalate [Cu (NH 3 ) 4 (H 2O) 2 ] 2 is oxidized.

The Iranian Chemical Company is capable of providing 99.9% pure copper oxide powder or solution at whatever level it is required. 

Iran Shimi can be sent to all parts of the country.  The following is a description of the use of pure copper and copper oxide.




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