Iran chemistry | Production and supply of a variety of laboratory minerals:

The chemical industry of Iran is a chemical manufacturer and seller of more than 180 types of chemical, mineral and industrial in excellent quality at Merck; capable of selling to any quantity requested in all types of packaging and sent to all parts of the country.  It is worth noting that the company is also able to produce and supply products that are tailored to your needs. Iran has the ability to supply raw materials for factories and industrial units, and to provide services to all consumers of chemicals and respected customers. Delivering to  Timely and high quality chemicals and labs have always been one of the concerns of company managers and companies affiliated with the chemical industry.  Iran has achieved a special place in the country's chemical industry by producing these high quality and competitive products with similar foreign products and meeting the needs of consumers.  The national and quality chemicals of Iran Chemically have begun today to export these materials to other neighboring countries and we are proud to announce that we are able to produce the export quality minerals with the right price for any amount of consumption.





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Chemical Industries of Iran Chemistry

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Producer of industrial minerals

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Mineral chemical producer at the laboratory level

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Supply of all kinds of magnesium ingots and ... with the highest degree of purity


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