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Copper sulfate with a chemical formula CuSO 4 * 5 H 2O contains blue crystals, clear and light blue powder.  Copper sulfate crystals of 24% in the dry air are gradually blown up.  At 45 ° C, the two molecules lose their water and at 110 ° the four molecules lose crystalline water and lose the last crystalline water at 250 ° C.  This material decomposes at 400 ° C.  Its specific gravity is 2.87 .  One gram of pure copper sulfate is dissolved in 3 ml of cold water and 0.5 ml of boiling water, and its solubility in water containing sulfuric acid is reduced.  Sulfate copper; or aqueous gemstone; or beryllium, a chemical compound used in a wide range of industries.  This salt is found depending on the degree of water absorption as a series of different compounds.  Chalcocyanite (a type of copper ore) is a copper-free copper sulfate form, and is a mineral that is mild and has a pale green powder or a white to grayish color.  Various water-filled forms of copper sulfate include copper sulfate, tri-abae, five abe and seven algae.  Nevertheless, copper sulfate, five abo (CuSO 4.5H 2O) is the most common form of this salt, which is a bright blue, known as chalcanthite. 

The light blue color of crystalline copper sulfate crystals, crystallized due to the water, is the best way to differentiate between waterless and water-free forms. Nutrient nutrients, blueberries, and blue-plated copper sulfate, which have different applications in the field.  Agriculture, industry, chemistry, and medicine. 

Copper and sulfuric acid can be used to prepare copper sulfate.  However, copper is commercially available in large sheets and is available as an economic source in Iran.  Five Abe sulfate is easily dissolved in water, and it is also soluble in methanol and glycerol and to some extent in ethanol. When aqueous crystals of copper sulfate are heated in an open flame, they become waterless and come in grayish white.  The Iranian Chemical Company is able to provide copper sulfate with a purity of 98.8% up. 

100% solution is either crystalline or solution at whatever amount is required.  Can be sent to all parts of the country.  The following is a description of the use of pure copper and copper oxide.





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